About Us

Who are we?

We are two people intimately close with humans. A medic and a psychologist, who got involved in architecture to make it better for people, based on combination of scientific facts and humanist values.

Michal Matlon

Michal Matlon is an architecture psychologist with 10 years of multidisciplinary experience in technology, media and marketing. He helps to create places of flourishing and meaningful work, from offices to urban quarters. He is a passionate public speaker and writer, talking about the importance of building humane environments based on scientific knowledge. In the past, Michal worked at one of the largest and most innovative office developers in Europe, where he developed the user experience strategy and established an internal education program.

Natalia Olszewska

Natalia Olszewska is a Researcher and Practitioner in Neuroscience Applied to Architecture. Being a graduate in medicine (Jagiellonian University & Tor Vergata), neuroscience (Sorbonne Université & ENS), Brain and Mind studies (UCL) and ‘Neuroscience applied to Architectural Design’ (IUAV university) she works between disciplines and creates insights for people-centered environments.
At work, she combines her deep care for people and their well-being with her passion for architecture and design. Natalia is a co-founder of IMPRONTA, behavioral science and neuroscience consultancy for architecture.

Why Venetian Letter?

First, because Venice has a rich history of beautiful and human-friendly architecture. It’s a city made to human scale, with pedestrian-friendly urbanism. And second, because its Iuav University of Venice was not only one of the first architecture schools in Italy, but also hosts a unique study program – Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design. This shows that the tradition of building cities for the people is continued there even today. An otherwise rare sight, which we want to make much more common in the future.

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